Q&A: ‘Suits’ Star Patrick J. Adams Returns To The Stage In ‘9 Circles’

    You know him as Mike Ross on USA’s new hit original series Suits. As fantastic as he is on that show, that’s just one part of what the multitalented Patrick J. Adams is up to. He’s currently on stage starring in the Bootleg Theater production of Bill Cain’s 9 Circles, extended through November 19.

    And in January, you’ll see him in an ensemble cast including Dustin Hoffman in the HBO horse-racing drama Luck, written by David Milch (Deadwood) and directed by Michael Mann (Heat).

    Whether it’s breaking new ground as the star of a TV series, starring and producing in a play, or fitting into a star-studded roster, Patrick has proven that he is an incredibly versatile actor whose creativity and enthusiasm doesn’t confine itself to one medium.

    He’s a team player who can hold his own with very smart people (it’s not easy to match brains with Gabriel Macht, but he does) and is also willing to learn from those people at the same time. And it’s we, the audience, who get to enjoy the benefits of Patrick’s thoughtfulness and dedication to his craft.

    Here, I talk with Patrick about what Suits has done for his career, as well as his experiences on the stage and shifting to a premium-cable series.

    Suits definitely raised your profile. It was so good I threatened to write an academic thesis on it. How much has the success of the show done for you personally?

    Surprisingly little has changed. It’s done a lot for my confidence level. I went from being an actor who worked enough and was very grateful for it, but was always wondering where the next paycheck was going to come from. It’s given me a really comfortable safety blanket.

    And I learned so much. The vibe on the show is very much a collaborative one. As you can tell, there’s quite a bit of back and forth between Gabriel [Macht] and I, and we were really pushed to play with each other. So I stood there and just learned for about four months and I think it’s made me better about what I do.

    You’re currently starring in 9 Circles, in which you play Daniel Reeves, an American soldier on trial for his actions in Iraq. How different is going from the lead of a TV series to the lead of a play?

    It’s surprisingly easy. I came up in the theater. I love the theater. I was busy organizing and producing this play from the confines of my trailer in Toronto for months before it actually happened. Coming out of that process, I was really eager to go back to this process. It’s kind of like a workout. I felt like I needed to get that out before I went back to a second season of the show.

    A lot of people were a little shocked that I would take a successful job and translate that into a play in a small theater in a strange part of Los Angeles, but this play has meant a lot to me personally so it was important to me to get it up.

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